Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Never Tolerate, Retaliate!

There's been a great deal of hullabaloo about the whole tolerant  aspect of India. Or rather the intolerance of those practicing the Hindu faith towards the hapless minority.
Every worm is crawling out of the woodwork decrying how a once secular and tolerant nation is now becoming intolerant towards a defenseless majority who only wish to live in peace and harmony with their brethren.
But that makes me wonder, given my own personal experiences in life, is intolerance such a bad thing? I don't see any visible logic so as to why a person ought to continue to be apologetic to a ruthless and manipulative cretin just because an outburst will make him intolerant.
Why should someone live under the yoke of tolerance whilst being constantly subjected to humiliation and embarrassment?
What battles has tolerance won or what feats has tolerance achieved?
Even nature isn't tolerant.
One cannot expect the banks of a river to hold out forever during a storm. A calm placid mountain could actually be a seething Vesuvius ready to explode. 
Tolerance has been the greatest ruse devised by human society. An unwritten unnatural rule that exists in order to make sure one doesn't overstep one's boundaries.  Lest there be revolution that upsets a social order based on subjugation.
The end point of endless tolerance is rebellion. And the result of rebellion is chaos and anarchy. Its when small twigs unite to ignite a massive forest fire.
I believe intolerance is only natural. A natural mechanism of self defense. In order to challenge the yoke of the manipulative oppressor.
In today's heyday the oppressor is the wolf in sheep's clothing. Seemingly placid, harmless, always timid in tone and approach, constantly reminding you of how peace loving he is, when in reality his fangs are hidden behind the smile of deceit.
The one who reacts is the villain. Whom society blames as an intolerant being, out to ruin the fabric of social order.
But in reality the one who reacts is someone who couldn't stand it any longer. When every fabric of his being screams to be let free, to break the bonds imposed upon him and to be able to breathe the free air which was his very right.
Take the example of a spouse in an abusive relationship. He or She continues to tolerate the torture and idiosyncrasies of his or her "better half." Months go by, even years, till a day comes when one cries "no more". Until finally, he or she breaks and decides to never tolerate the abusive relationship any further and in due course, retaliate.
If its a woman, society will brand her a harlot, a she devil who wrecked her relationship instead of suffering the continual onslaught of her abusive husband.
If its a man, he will be branded a womanizer, a chauvinist and an irresponsible wastrel who abandoned his seemingly loving wife.
But in truth they let go of the chains that bound them to a pointless relationship. They refused to tolerate any longer, and finally chose to save themselves instead of tolerating and succumbing to their abusive spouses.
Our "democratic" nation is in shambles because of our tolerance.
There's an overall decrease of morale because we're forced to tolerate.
Forced to tolerate corrupt politicians.
Forced to tolerate repeated acts of terror lest we're branded intolerant to a particular faith or race.
Forced to tolerate repeated humiliations by our troublesome neighbors.
Forced to tolerate our shrines being razed since time immemorial lest we appear intolerant and cause discredit to our own faith.
Wasn't it the intolerance of our British masters that won us our independence?
I doubt tolerance did any good to the Incas and the Aztecs who had their race nearly wiped out by the Spanish Conquistadors.
Nor do I think tolerance did any good the scores of women burned alive by the Salem witch trials. Nobody made them martyrs and for that matter, there were no apologies.
Nor will it do any good to the victims of the Mumbai attacks and the recent Paris attacks.
If there's one thing France ought to realize, is that its modern inception is the due to the seed of intolerance sowed by a corrupt and a wayward monarchy. The intolerance that gave birth to the french revolution and modern day France.
I think one ought to stop being apologetic towards something that has always been our birth right.
If there's injustice of any sorts at any point of time, never tolerate, retaliate!
Retaliation might make one seem like an aggressor, but in reality its to save one self and safeguard one's future.
Everyone has the right to live and lead the life they chose best for themselves, as long as it doesn't involve harming others for one's manipulative need.
Never tolerate repeated attacks on oneself.
It's this continued tolerance of injustice that has led to the subjugation and persecution of millions of people worldwide.
Never be apologetic to defend and demand that which is rightfully yours.
Never tolerate, retaliate!!

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