Saturday, July 18, 2015

Of People And Politics

Sometimes in all earnest I wish my ecosystem would just consist of me and only me. I always looked upon people as a pestilence. In the 29 years of my life there would be just a handful of people who's company I found to be enriching or for that matter of some remote interest. The rest were a plague on my senses.
That being said whether you like it or not, one doesn't always get what one wants.
Its not that I'm snobbish. Even in social circles I'm affable at best. Of course most of my laughter and mirth when I'm with "close company" is pure diabolical pretense. In reality I'm just dying inside.
When I was single I would just rush back home to bask in my own company. I"m not a loner, although having grown as a single kid without siblings makes me relish my own company more than that of others.
But some things on account of social protocols are not meant to be.

If one would compare the progress of India with that of other countries one would realize how far behind we really are. 
While other countries are up to speed with their decisions, our country remains mired in petty politics. One good decision requires the consent of hundreds of politicians who will thwart it on account of their boated egos and personal agendas.
But politics isn't something that is restricted only to the Indian Parliament.
It resides in the average Indian home.
Its the microcosm of an Indian household that transcends into the macrocosm of Indian politics.
And whoever manages a cosmos of such chaotic proportions would lose himself in petty squabbles.
An average Indian householder who I presume is living with a family consisting of at least his parents, his wife, his kids and the servants, would come home to listen to the constant bickering of the household. The wife will have an issue with the servants and the mother in law. The mother will anxiously keep pestering the son a about the idiosyncrasies of the daughter in law. The father will wring his hands and bemoan how he managed the household a lot better back in his time (which is subject to speculation). And amid'st all this the said householder would think of packing his bags and running off to the hills.
Progress in life requires the freedom of thought. And its thought that transcends into action. If ones thought process is consistently occupied by petty domestic squabbles there can be no progress and thereby and absolute stagnation of action.
Try as one might there will come a time when one is utterly exhausted in dealing with life's petty squabbles.
It's for this reason a western household stands in stark contrast with that of an Indian one.
A child in an average western household if off to college by 18. Packing up and leaving for good. The parents although sad, contemplate on their future without their son or daughter. The son graduates, looks for a job, falls in love gets married independently. The parents do come into the picture intermittently. In the form of telephonic advice or family gatherings.
A child in an Indian household never leaves his home. The concept of independence does not exist. Right from his college, his or her marriage, his job is funded, hunted and sponsored by his or her parents.
Its this interdependent bond that stands out in an Indian relationship.
But this relationship has numerous drawbacks.
It inevitably results in domestic squabbles fueled by insecurity and bloated egos.
Its for this reason India has an television industry devoted solely to Saas Bahu (Mother in law Daughter in law ) soaps. Soaps that are based on mindless household politics between two harebrained women who scheme again'st one another as the helpless son watches on, used as a pawn.
While American soaps consist of crime or medical dramas, Indian television is just bombarded the entrenching politics of pestilential women.
Its this reason that lead to the deterioration of the "joint family" system.
Petty politics is the bane of Indian civilization.
Its the one thing that has thwarted this nation from even an iota of progress.
Imagine if the same householder came home to an amicable environment where people just got along setting aside their prejudices and fantasies of self importance.
He would have time to devote things to more useful endeavors,
He could read a book, perhaps do some research on how to better his career.
That in turn would help him progress further, thereby helping his household live more comfortably.
But if he lived in a microcosm seeped in pettiness, evil intentions, bloated egos and wanton insecurities, his future as well as that of his household is doomed to failure.

I never wanted to stay in this country to begin with. Although I chose to stay to be with the ones I loved. But sometimes I really wonder whether this decision of mine will have its consequences.
One needs to either eternally indifferent or be a selfish snob to survive in the mire that is the politics of this country.
Those who cannot be either, have a poor outcome at best.