Saturday, October 3, 2009

Of Snoots And Snobs

I suppose a great deal of people have fond memories of their senior school days. What we call 11th and 12th grade. Well as for me, the experience was far from memorable. My class consisted mainly of some of the most snooty people one could have ever come across. You know, the sort who behave as though they have gold mines shoved under their affluent noses.
Now given the fact that I do not belong to the dull and dreary sort of humanity myself, nevertheless, being amidst those who believed that the very ground beneath them is a tribute to their greatness (or their dad's) made me grow immensely weary of their very existence. Not that I could do much about it though. For then, I believe I was a part of the wrong flock in the first place.
When I left India to pursue medicine, I met some of the most refreshingly down to earth people, on the planet. And not just from my own country, but also from other nations as well.
Their very existence was like a breath of fresh air. Somewhere down the line I had actually given up on the hope that I shall ever meet 'normal' people.
But there I was, hobnobbing with some of the most earthy individuals ever.
Well, we did run into some snobs as well, but they were the sort who realized that they were amongst the wrong people for a change. Needless to say, over the years they did manage to tone down their act. It was either that or face the prospect of being friendless in a foreign country.
Not that I am a saint myself per se. I do at times like to flaunt what ever assets I manage to acquire, that money can buy. But nevertheless, I do know where to draw the line.
Everyone likes to show off a bit, but not to the point where it gets awfully ghastly and annoying to boot.
I just simply do not understand what their deal is.
Frankly, one would usually find conversations with a snob/snoot unidirectional, and rather tiresome, with not an iota of sense intertwined in between their barrage of self praiseworthy drivel.
For instance, " You know, I am the head of my very own company, I work out with the actor(read nondescript) who acted in the film(which flopped miserably) blah blah. In my spare time I model for a famous brand of toothpaste and spend my evenings in one of the most swanky (read unheard of) clubs in the city."
The thing is, I really wonder the sort of audience our snooty compatriots manage to acquire in order to vent out their barrage of hot air. Frankly, any snob bombarding me with their self centred nonsense will soon realise that they are barking up the wrong tree.
You know, whenever one picks up one of the gossip magazines, one cant help coming across the glaring photographs of "socialites" wearing outfits that can only be described as a cross between a child's Halloween costume and a Las Vegas drag queen, at a "charity" event. Probably to raise money for the mentally unsound.
Sooner or later all snobs metamorphosize into socialites. I really wonder what sort of lives such people live in their spare time, when they are not busy hogging the limelight at a so and so social event.
Man is a social animal no doubt, and one needs society to exist. Nevertheless, I really wonder when did society turn to encompass some of the most unheard of has beens, and yesteryear washouts all simultaneously blowing their own trumpets.
Call me an idealist, but there did exist a time when the crème de la crème of society consisted of intellectuals, philosophers, men of art (by art I mean musicians, authors and painters, not someone who recently stripped their clothes off in a third rate movie), and self made men of commerce.
I suppose birds of a feather do flock together. But of late its a rather foul flock.
I can never come to terms with some god awful snob giving me airs. And frankly it gives me great pleasure give them a taste of their own medicine.
Irrespective of what one might say, I'd rather spend my time with my own earthly flock than to bother with some tiresome snoot.
But by the end of the day, its those who are down to earth who manage to win over more people. Not the ones who think their boots are too big for the ground beneath them.
Its too bad that they do not realize that.
But everyone has their place in the world.
If it weren't for them we certainly wont be having a lark over reading about their latest misadventures.
Well, to each of his own I always say!


ramya said...

Snobs where there and will always exist in the Society! Even the superlative people before used to be snobs! Ravana went about praising himself, even when Lord Bramha himself told him that a human will kill him. Julius Caesar did nothing but did self praising in the WHOLE Drama! Indra, was the snobbiest, and the biggest coward among all Gods.
You just need to avoid the snobs. Snobs find fellow snobs for their company ;-)

Shadowthorne said...

I met some snooty joes when I was in secondary school. And yes, they came from well to do families. But as a young Dark Lordling, I gravitated towards them because they have power (or you might say, their dad's really).

And soon, many friends accused me of being one of them (I come from a middle class family). Oh oh-kay...

I learned a lot from these snooty bastards; mostly English and Science. And of course, I always took the opportunity to steal from them (they never noticed the lost anyway). Several Aiwa and Sony portable radio @ walkman, books, imported shirts etc.

Mwa ha ha ha ha!

Choco said...

Snobs rule the society...Dreary but true...

"...glaring photographs of "socialites" wearing outfits that can only be described as a cross between a child's Halloween costume and a Las Vegas drag queen, at a "charity" event."

So true..So true...Like some of the exorbitantly priced outfits one would find in designer stores...

PS: Good to see you black to blogging :)

Thousif Raza said...

i couldnt agree with you more, i mean what is thier deal man, i just di\ont understand

vyazz, you have said it excellently as what is 'thier' place in the society, if your class frenz were reading this, they would know what they were then, i mean really well told ya, really well told

glad to c u back and with a new avataar are you? ;), welcome back mate :)

take care and keep writing...........

brocasarea said...

cat among the pigeons!!...

wht u said is true..birds of a feather do flock together!!...

brocasarea said...

so enjoying ur brk??!!

DiDo said...

people believe tht the college tht i belong to are full of snobs.. which is not wrong...i had a hard time when i first joined...but later on i adjusted and realised that all of them r not snobs yaar.. there r exceptions :)

sharath krishnaswami said...

where are you from dude? i've studied in one of the affluent schools in bangalore and can completely identify with what you've been through. the only difference being, the snobs stayed all through, from 1st to the 10th.