Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Truths About Moi!!

Brocasarea, tagged me recently, and I have been admonished by todaywriter for not writing this sooner(who tagged me long back) thought its about time I posted this!!
While I'm not usually the sort of person who divulges info about me at the drop of the hat, I have nevertheless decided to bore y'all with 25 facts regarding moi.
So here goes!!!
1) I am a single, spoilt and extremely pampered child of the most wonderful parents ever!!
2) I consider myself as a bit of a misfit. Someone who never really belonged here. Always wish I was born, say in the ancient age where things were so much simpler.
3) I have my head in the clouds for a greater part of the day. I daydream a lot. And still have make believe fantasies running through my head.
4) I can tend to get really argumentative. I can ferociously defend my beliefs and my perspectives.
5) I believe in looking out for myself, even if the remainder of the world may deem me to be selfish (which though I claim to be, I am not!!!)
6) I am very superstitious, and intricately study omens.
7) I am not a morning person. I hate getting up early in the morning (though I have to) My day ideally ought to begin say at 11 am.
8) I love hearing about myself. I can be very vain (a Virgo trait??), and there is hardly an astrology site that I have not visited so that I get to read more about me.
9) I am hideously self conscious, one of the main reasons I am late for class, is I keep doing and undoing my hair to get the "perfect look"...which actually just ends up with me looking all the more worse.
10) I love to paint and sketch. I have sketched away to glory during many boring lectures. I consider myself an amature painter, and I like to reproduce pictures. Below is one of my creations!!
11) I love to sing, much to the annoyance of my neighbours who I wake up during my long morning showers.
12) I can sing songs in Hebrew, Japanese, Russian, Persian, Arabic, French, Bengali and Hindi... ironically my Tamil singing only evokes smirks and grins from the bad pronunciation!!
13) People consider me to be a good singer, and I like to immediately learn the lyrics of any song that catches my fancy irrespective of whether I understand them or not. I have a good memory for lyrics.
14) I am a mega huge history buff and can rattle on for hours about the fall of the Roman empire by Attila the Hun, the religious reformation brought on by the Pharaoh Akhenetan or the conquest of Sri Lanka by the Chozha dynasty.
15) I love to read and understand different cultures. I want to travel across the world to see and experience different cultures and traditions. Will venture anywhere, right from the Brazilian rainforests to the sand dunes of Egypt. Heck!..Given the chance I'll even go to Antarctica.
16) I always picture myself performing on stage or giving an interview to a reporter. I long to have a public life..(not like those on reality TV!!!..God Forbid!!)
17) People keep asking me why did I take up medicine, because according to them I am letting my talents go to waste. But I'm sure I can juggle both!!!
18) Never thought I had it in me to write. Frankly, this blog is a first. And its one of the best things to ever happen to me!!
19) I HATE sharing food!!!...I just cant. I would rather give it all away than to part with bits and pieces of it!! I am very possessive about it!!
20) I consider myself to be decent cook. I can whip up quite a few delicacies, right from Biryani, Shahi Paneer, Sambhar, Gajar ka name it!!
21) I consider cooking to be an art, and I hate it when people eat my works of art just because they are too lazy to cook themselves!!
22) I love reading. I am very versatile in that aspect, I cover everything right from comic books, magazines, works by Oscar Wilde and Somerset Maugham (two of my favourite authors!!), and history books...(err...did I mention Medical books??)
23) Love haunting museums and book stores. I am an absolute geek, and I have no qualms in saying so!!
24) I adore dogs. I just love them. The dog I'm gonna buy next is gonna be a Pug!!..They are so adorable. So far, I have had boxers, Great Danes and German Shepards.
25) Am God loving...and I tend to bully Him/Her into giving me whatever I want. And God has thus always been kind enough to to so.

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rads said...

Nice to know more about you...I could associate myself with certain creative aspects 'bout urself...loved your painting...too good.. you should do it more often n I'd say have a section in your blog for it.

Shadowthorne said...

:) So much informations... so many opportunities to get to the Great Vyazz.... Ha ha ha ha!

No, I don't think you are wasting your talents. Our 1st astronaut was a medical doctor (and a fashion model to boot). So I think you can go far with your looks. (ha ha).

And the sketch (or painting) is beautiful! I envy you enough to send my death droids to get you. :)

ramya said...

You call yourself an armature painter? No doubt you picked up medicine, it would have been easy for you to draw in all the record books! All my biology records till now are done by my sister, even my 10th standard one!
You seem to be a history fanatic! The only subject I took tuitions for was history in 10th because otherwise, I would not study it!
Could relate myself only to day dreaming part and the tamil bad pronunciation part!

Aquarius said...

hey Vyazz that painting is super cool and I can see that you have been quite honest about the things you wrote.

You are an artistic person to boot and so typical of a Virgo :).
Keep it Up:) Sure would love to taste food prepared by you (I am one of those people who are too lazy to cook hehehhe)

Kaddu said...

My sister is a Virgo... n she hates getting up early too! :-D AND takes ages to do her hair ("bas chaar baal aage chahiye"... Rangeela)!
The painting looks awesome!

Vyazz said...

@rads: Thnx...though so far I have made just three of them including the one I have shown. Will make more once I graduate to have an actual online exhibition!!!.. :)

Vyazz said...

@Shadowthrone: Wow an astronaut and a fashion thats something!!..Thnx 4 the comoliment...will beware of ur death droids!!.. :D

brocasarea said...

nice weird things....thanks for sharing...!
ur can be a celebrity blogger!!:)

Vyazz said...

@Ramya: Good we have something in common. The confused Tamil syndrome!!! Though it has improved a lot after I met some Tamil dudes here!!!

Vyazz said...

@Aquarius: Thnx 4 the compliment!!!...And as far as the food is concerned..will make an exception for you!!! :)

Vyazz said...

@Kaddu: Thnx...looks like ur sis an me have the same obsessive compulsive disorder with regard to hair styling!!!

Vyazz said...

@Brocasarea: Thnx!!!...Celebrity blogger?? thought about that one before!!!

varunshridhar said...

Finally we know you man! nice!

many similarities btwn the two of us - points 1, 4 and 9 in particular.

I wonder if I should come up with one such list cos ur's is the fifth such list I've come across in the past week.

Vyazz said...

@Varun: wuz nice to divulge a wee bit about myself!!..Good to know bout the similarities!!!...And yeah mebbe u can write a list bout urself too!!...Like someone has to tag you!!!
Well...okie then....I'll tag you!!!
Then ur next post can be a list bout urself then!!!

varunshridhar said...

@Vyazz: just did post one mate! thanks a lot. Hope u read it first!

et said...

I can directly relate to daydreaming(more.. thinking!) and getting up late stuff. And I really really appreciate your painting! High five!!
I'm not really into history, but i love the Egyptians and all art by the Romans!

And great that you can cook! Whereas I'll have to find a good girl who can cook well.. :D

SSQuo said...

Oh my! Are you saying you are vain??? Hmm...and here I thought you were staring at the sun and admiring its beauty in your profile pic!! :P lol

Just picking a few similarities, the daydreaming, love to do art stuff (not really paint, but your stuff is awesome!), love that you love to travel, and finally, I LOVE dogs too. This fella is so cute.

Oh and I am not self conscious - Ill probably get ready much quicker than you do! :) And pls dont argue about it, its a fact that can be proven Im sure!

Kadambari said...

Now, this was really interesting. One thing that's for sure is.. we're pretty different.. I could hardly see any traits matching! :)

P.S. Lovely painting. Some use of going to those boring lectures!

mon espace said...

I HATE sharing food!!!... -reminds me of Joey in friends :)

why did I take up medicine- G;luck managing both! I have a medico brother at home & ur books are SCARY! brr!

First time here...nice write up's...A medico, who writes, is aware of stuff beyond his books, and who cooks!! priceless ;)

but hey, how about current affairs?

Vyazz said...

@et: Nice to meet a fellow daydreamer, and a fellow later riser!! As 4 the cooking part. I had to learn it, coz I'm out here all by myself. Whereas in India, I really dodnt bother!!!...But strangely I turned out to be quite a decent cook!!!...I'll probably have a very tasty hospital canteen!!!

Vyazz said...

@SSQuo: Hahaha...yeah I'm vain allrite!!..Dont let my pic fool u!!! NIce to know that we have some things in common, and yeah the dog is soooo adorable!!...I could eat it (not literally though!!).
Will take ur word 4 it in the self conscious department!!!... :)

Vyazz said...

@Kadambari: Thnx...and as far as differences go....its the variety that makes life all the more interesting!!!!... :)

Vyazz said...

@Mon espace: Welcome to my blog!!!
And yeah... totally!!!..Just like Joey from friends!!! No change whatsoever!!
Hahaha..bout our books....well..they're not so bad, though they can seem a trifle intimidating!!!
And as far as current affairs go...I stay abreast of them, courtesy the BBC...a site I constantly surf!!!

Rashmi said...

Wow!!!! can i say without the risk of being labelled as a copycat....coz i truly identify with some qualities like "HUH how can he be so like me"....anyways...liked reading things about you....