Sunday, May 3, 2009

Divine Therapy

There comes a period in our lives, where things don't seem very hunky dory, when in spite of the sunny weather outside, within us there exists a dark cloudy overcast. Times where you sit solemnly staring into the emptiness, seemingly calm on the outside, but withholding a tempest of thoughts on the inside. Not knowing what to do, where to go or whom to turn to. Just looking into the bleak horizon, wishing for someone to help you. But not knowing whom to trust with your troubles.
Usually like any passing storm, the mental overcast does fade away, but at other times, they just choose to linger on, hovering over you, thwarting your every step and your every move, till finally you break down, and let open the gates which contained your deepest fears, your deepest worries and your deepest insecurities.
Hopefully those that are around you might then notice your predicament and begin to help you in whatever way they seem to think fit.
One of the things that people of late, seem to be running out of, is time.
Time for themselves and their loved ones.
As the world nations seem to move faster and faster towards advancement, humanity finds itself within a rat race, as time is money, and there is hence, not a second to loose.
And as a consequence, we seem unable to realise the obvious signs of mental degradation and fatigue. Where the mind is constantly eroded in a never ending charade of work.
School children are overworked to fulfil their academic obligations, parents are overworked to make ends meet, and the teens run helter skelter to find the right jobs.
Amidst all the chaos, you end up physically and emotionally exhausted, and unable to divulge your problems to a third person because that third person is either busy or has problems of his/her own.
In all the chaos, I wonder what's the point?
By the end of the day you might have made ends meet or secured massive profits for your company. But what's point of it all, when you lose your mental peace as a consequence?
I do not suppose circumstances are in our control.
You cannot stop the world from realising its ambitions and in return making humans run to and fro.
I suppose by now people are familiar with the news reports of school shoot outs in the United States. Not to mention the high suicide rates in Japan.
Both nations are known to be technologically advanced with good standards of living, in comparison to the third world countries.
In spite of all the cheap and affordable gadgets and the increased comfort of living, you have people deteriorating mentally en masse.
The thing is, of late no one has the time nor energy to listen to someone else's problems, since they are too busy climbing the echelon towards success.
This however has ended up as a blessing is disguise to psychotherapists or "shrinks" as one would call them.
And their job, is very simple, its just to lend an ear. While one pours his/her heart out sobbing away.
For a moderate fee of course.
Its ironic actually, because back in the day one would divulge their deepest and darkest to family and close friends. But of late due to the lack of understanding and the sheer lack of time, it becomes impossible for a mentally aggrieved person to receive prompt attention.
Not everyone can run to a shrink. And even those who do, it doesn't always grant them immediate solace or a universal answer to all their problems. Irrespective of how well qualified the psychiatrist is in Freudian principles.
As a consequence therefore, since it can be taken for granted that in today's work ridden atmosphere, you might as well end up emotionally alone without an anchor to hold on to, I suppose the best alternative is to turn to yourself for help.
I doubt there is anyone who can understand oneself better that the very individual.
People usually question the role of faith in human lives.
The need to believe in a higher power, or the need to blindly follow unseen and unheard of forces.
Science may ridicule such behaviour, but frankly when was the last time a human being was scientifically saved from self destruction?
The best any psychiatrist can do to a hysterical and paranoid human being on the verge of losing his/her sanity will be to prescribe sedatives and anti depressants.
And we all know that the demons that haunt your senses day in and day out will return once you are out of the "magic pills".
There usually isn't a permanent solution.
The thing about faith, is that you have the ability to look forward to something no matter how tough things can get.
All in all it encourages positive thinking and allows you to cultivate hope.
You may even call acquiring faith as a means of positive therapy.
Its actually not much different from the self help books that are being sold by the dozen.
People mistake faith as a form of an unreal, ritual driven means of living where you are subjected to rigid rules that demand absolute obedience and servitude.
But that's actually something that humans have turned it into.
Whereas in reality, as far as I understand it, its just about having simple and pure faith, without being subject to crazy rules and ridiculous laws.
Just to fill your lives with hope.
Hoping the big guy up there will look out for you.
In the end, when your friends, your family and your shrink fail to understand you, I suppose the best way to deal with your problems is through hope and faith. In whatever form you see best.
In the end I guess its all about positive thinking, and ranting your problems to the divine therapist.

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Shadowthorne said...

I am not nice, and of course not really a devout person. I did many many bad things in my life and yes, the dark clouds are always within me, influencing the way I interact and think.

But I do believe in God, and I know I will pay for my sins in the future. I believe in karma too, and the do-unto-others-what-you-want-them-to-do-unto-you school.

I needed a lot of love, mainly from friends and significant others. I lost my wife (good riddance) and gained a few more friends. Time is not a factor for me because I live for the present.

Seems negative for a teacher, right? Well, life is a stage and I am one of the best actors there is. Heh.

rads said...

No one and nobody can bring us peace except self. I sometimes feel life is all ado about nothing...we are once running behind something and after attaining it we are running after another like the first one never existed...but in the end what we get is nothing. Nice post, quite emotional and lots of gyan.

Kaddu said...

Good post dude! Exactly the thoughts that go on in my mind too! All of us are so busy running, that we no more have the time to "sit and stare"! We're in such a hurry to get to the "destination"... wherever that might be... that we no longer care about enjoying the journey! As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, "Nostalgia Strikes Yet Again!", the world has indeed become smaller, but our loved ones have become very distant!

Kadambari said...

Peace lies within every individual. Once we make our peace with ourselves, there would be no dark clouds. But that doesn't come easy. With so much pressure and expectations, we need to understand that the only person we have to prove ourselves to, is self.

The rest is just hogwash.

Vyazz said...

@shadowthrone: I suppose we all end up doing things we regret. I suppose in the big scheme of things its no big deal. Like I said, in today's day and age, its all about having faith in yourself and your beliefs.

Vyazz said...

@rads: thnx...wuz on one of my introspective moods when I wrote that. Just wish life would for a change slow down in its pace and give us some time off.

@Kaddu: Thnx...glad u liked it...I personally thought of it being a tad melancholy. Read ur frankly ur thoughts ring very true...people indeed have distanced themselves from each other!!

Vyazz said...

@Kadambari: Agree with u on that one...problem is of late not many want to come to terms with the problems they have. I dunno. I guess each individual has their own way of dealing with things!

et said...

We need to tell ourselves to smile and be happy every time we go dull. Only if we're gonna send out positive thoughts , we're gonna receive any of the same kind.

May be praying is a more easier way to gain all the positive energy. But i think it's never complete without our own sincere effort..

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

"People mistake faith as a form of an unreal, ritual driven means of living where you are subjected to rigid rules that demand absolute obedience and servitude.
But that's actually something that humans have turned it into."

VERY true! You once again stole the words from my very mouth about the entire world-turning-blind-to-worldmen's-suffering.

In my own little way, I'm a self-appointed cheer leader. And trust me, everyone needs to assume that role in today's world and spread the cheer. It is an unwritten duty.

I don't understand why we give priority for everything else but being nice to people. I mean, do people really kid themselves into believing that they are here to earn, aish-aaraam-ofy and then die?

Why don't we go the extra mile? And I've strictly told myself that I'd cease to respect myself if I don't take that extra time for people. And well, this is our DUTY. EVERYONE must do this.

Sadly, a book by name 'Anne of Green Gables' and its 8 sequels taught me such humbling lessons and not any mortals I know of!

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

And I hope all's fine, soldier. Why do I sniff a personal suffering craftily stashed away in between those words?


Vyazz said...

@et: Agree with what u said!! And as far as praying goes, ur right bout the sincerity. There's no point in mere "jus for the heck of it" attitude!!

Vyazz said...

@Sandhya: Thnx...and yeah...I always have believed that there's more to life than just eating, earning, settling in ur villa with a pension. Its so soulless and not worthwhile. Problem is that's what realists and rationalists have turned life into.

And yeah...truth be told I was a trifle melancholy when I wrote that. But its no of my mood swings. Guess that's what blogs are for. To reflect on ur deepest emotions.
Thnx 4 the concern!...Appreciate it!!

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

So true! The realists and the rationalists have not one ounce of optimism or humanitarian concern. Just because everything you eat comes out, we don't stop eating. We eat for the nourishment. Similarly, for that lovely life, we need to connect with people. Wonder when and how people will ever learn that!

And oh! Take care! While we live and breathe, let us give our biggest shot at happiness! :)

Vyazz said...

@Sandhya..will do!! I said to hell with realists. Its a pity their lives are so drab!!

Choco said...

I'll explain...
:( was my expression while reading your post
Somewhere towards the end it changed to :)

Extremely well written post Vyazz. I fight these dark clouds too. You are right. Even in 3rd world countries you cannot turn to someone else for fear of being judged. But I have my faith intact & know I'll pull through as I always do!

Acknowledging faith is a brave thing for a man of meds to do! You'll sure be another JD from Scrubs to your patients! :)

Vyazz said...

@Choco: Thnx....u wont believe....but I took this test on Facebook to see which scrubs character I the answer was JD. Ur pretty intuitive..I'll give u that!!