Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Art of Appreciation

Recently, Rads, of the Rads Blog-a-Zine fame, gave me a blogger friendship award!!And frankly all I can say is, thanks a bunch!!....muchas gracias seƱora!!!...Truly much obliged.
All I can say, is that discovering blogging has been one of the most self gratifying things for me, and frankly I never knew that I could have the potential to write consistently for so long!
Frankly it has taken me by surprise.
On another note....I just realised how wonderful life can seem, and how well you can get your confidence boosted when people begin to appreciate you for the things you do best.
Blogging seems to be an excellent platform, where you can speak your mind out, without any insecurities attached.
The thing is...frankly none of my friends here and back in India (save a few) much about blogs and blogging. So for me initially when I started I felt singled out in the crowd being the misfit that I am.
But as the comments and followers started increasing...I felt such a great morale boost, because finally being acknowledge by someone is a great feeling.
Its not very often that people are fortunate enough to belong to a crowd that appreciates you for who you are and what you do. But nevertheless, blogging has done just that!!!
Hence as a solemn moment of gratitude to my fellow blogging buddies, who have helped shape my blog and egged me on to keep writing, I would thus like to thank,
Rads: For presenting me with this award!!...makes one feel all the more worthwhile.
Viyoma: For introducing me to blogging
Biju: For being one of the first ones to comment and follow my blog.
Shadowthrone: For being such a dedicated follower, and always being there for no matter what I Post.
Choco: For her dedicated comments and her personalised style of writing.
Kadambari: For being a thoughtful writer, who is almost as introsepective as I am at times.
Kaddu: For appreciating my blog right away, and being supportive of whatever I write.
Ramya: For speaking her mind, when it comes to whatever I write.
Sandhya: For being such an ardent follower, so as to actually read though all the posts I wrote when I first started the blog. Totally appreciate the encouragement. Just what the doctor ordered.
Sammy: For appreciating my writing, and being such a dedicated blogger himself.
AS & Todayswriter: Fellow bloggers and good friends who live one floor above mine.
Brocasarea: Being a fellow medical blogger, keeping me in touch with the internship scene in India.

And a special word of thanks to Varun, SSQuo, et and Aquarius, who have recently come across my blog, and commented on my posts.

Its always a pleasure to write for a dedicated audience!!.
As they say in Russian, Spasiba Vam Bolshoi! (roughly translated as..Thanks a lot!!!)

PS: My next post is going to be a tag. I have been tagged by Brocasarea and Todayswriter(long back), so bear with me while I manage to sum up things about yours truly!!


varunshridhar said...

THanks a lot mate! well, I know nothing in Russian except the da, niet, dasvidaniya and spasiba so, merci beaucoup, vielen danke and nandri! :)

read ur other posts as well, great going man..u'll see my comments there very soon.. thoughtful descriptions and writing! Cheers mate!

Choco said...

Awww thanks! Always means a lot.
No speech this time.
This award is moving around in circles now :)

brocasarea said...

hey thanks for the compliment!!..

birds of a feather do flock together!!:)

rads said...

Glad to see you've continued the you the award was my pleasure and you deserve it for such a nice blog...i jus know "Dobroye Utro, Kaka Dela" and "Spasibu" in Russian (thanks to the Russian colleagues from my x-employer). So spasibu for the nice words and award-this is my 6th, i'm overwhelmed with joy. Keep blogging.

Shadowthorne said...

Why thank you, thank you for this opportunity to hold the golden Vyazz... ops, got carried away.

Truth be told, I have so few friends and so much time on the net. Blogging is a way to amuse myself (and maybe others).

And you are one blogger than can really write LONG and not really loose focus along the way. Keep up the good work. :)

Kadambari said...

Thanks a ton!!! :D

ramya said...

Thank u!
I would like to add that you write really well. I am sure you do a lot of research before posting something. Not like me ;-)

Sandhya Ramachandran said...


Thank you! :D And that was oh-so-sweet! :D

You are my bloggie friend too! :D

Vyazz said...

@VarunSridhar, Choco and Brocasarea:..ur all welcome!!!... :)

Vyazz said...

@Rads: Merci Beaucoup once again....

@Shadowthrone: Thnx man...even I spend a great deal of time on the net sometimes!!! Appreciate ur encouragement.

@Ramya: Thnx...u write pretty well too!!
@Sandhya: Always glad to be ur blogging buddy!!!.. :D

et said...

Thanks for some special mention! Y'knw how i got away from the internet for a while! Will be catching up!!

And yeah.. choco's right abt the award.. this one doesn't really have an intention of going outta the circle!! :D

Kaddu said...

Spasiba Vam Bolshoi to you too! Ha ha ha ha ha! For gvng me this Award! :-D

Btw, even my old friends... the ones from school... aren't into blogging at all! It sure does feel wonderful each time a complete stranger walks in & makes him/herself comfortable at ur plc, like they've known u for ages! And friends... whether at school, college, or the internet... they really do make life spicy & more palatable!

Vyazz said...

@et: Ur welcome!!!...always a pleasure!!

@Kaddu: Pleasures all mine!!..and yeah it is nice when ppl come and appreciate you now and then. Makes things so much more worthwhile!!!

Gayathri said...

Every one experiences this kind of standoffish momentS??i used to experience the same at the beginning of my blogging ventures..there were very very few of my frnds who were in fact into this even..but the more i do,and the more i read others,life started seeming even more intriguing and interesting..
anyway,was nice reading this post :)

Vyazz said...

@Gayathri: Welcome!! Yeah it can seem a bit lonesome when no one is into the sort of things that ur into. But blogging being a whole new difference by itself, the experience has been quite self gratifying!!
Thnx 4 stopping by!!.. :)