Monday, April 6, 2009

Viva La Revolución

Throughout the course of history, the world of man has been familiar with rebels and revolutions. Revolutions are those events which change the course of history towards a new and a possibly better direction.
I have always been fascinated by the numerous people who have in past been responsible for reshaping world history.
A rebel does not necessarily mean a person with a political orientation. For true rebellion may occur in any field, be it mathematics, art, sport or the system of government.
Many men(and women) in the past have been credited with genius.
Like Einstein who took the world of physics by storm with the theory of relativity, Mozart with his musical masterpieces, Van Gough with his impressionist art and Alexander, a military genius who thought of uniting the world under one common banner.
Frankly, the key element in common with Einstein, Van Gough or Alexander was not necessarily genius.
But the key element and reason for their triumph, was that they were rebels.
Rebels with unique ideas, rebels with an unconventional outlook towards life, rebels who weren't afraid of experimentation and challenging age old beliefs and dictums.

Society is something that is always prone to remain stagnant. It will constantly dwell within mediocrity and make sure its inhabitants remain subdued and dormant.
Its not that difficult to imagine, how the world would have looked had not a single human being had a rebellious thought. We would then have been akin to beasts roaming in the jungles.
Have you ever noticed cattle? They move when they are told to move and they stay when commanded to stay. They neither question nor hesitate in doing so.
Ironically being large beasts of burden they can easily pummel the puny human who is bossing them around. But they shan't. They never will. Because none of them has the ability to think in a rebellious manner.
In the same manner, does an unjust and stagnant society brainwash humans into cattle.
Human cattle are everywhere. On the streets, in schools and in the workplace. Any question out of place is immediately snubbed, ridiculed or ignored. Thereby cutting away at the roots of rebellion.
There is a difference between education and brainwashing.
Brainwashing involves making a person to compulsorily submit to rigid rules and ideas without question.
Whereas education ideally, is when a student is introduced a subject , asked to understand it and be allowed to form his/her opinion regarding it.
Brainwashing leads to ignorance. And it is ignorance which currently plagues human society today.
Society has never been kind to rebels. For since ages it has ridiculed and branded them as outcasts.
The leaders of such societies are the most insecure of the lot. Insecure about bringing the slightest disharmony to their mundane and mediocre realm. And furthermore, they fear the question Why?
Why must we do this?
Why must we follow your rules?
Why must we believe in something that we don't want to?
They know, that the question 'Why' can disrupt the mundane atmosphere which has been established for so long.
Nevertheless if only such leaders had read their history books they would have realised that rebels have always triumphed more often than once.
Perhaps the only reason that rebels were never subdued is because, deep within, their conscience wouldn't allow them. Perhaps living amongst dull monotony suffocated them, and their spirit yearned to be free.
The spirit has always been born free. It is the world of man that shackles it, thereby enslaving it forever.
But in case of rebels, they struggled long and hard till their voice was heard loud enough by the masses and in consequence, they were given their due credit.
It is rather criminal to be turned into human cattle when one is endowed with enough abilities to live a free and independent existence.
Nothing forced upon someone can lead to a positive result.
Always question, when you invariably feel that something isn't right. And never believe someone when they say that you're no good. For you know yourself better than the others. Be well aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Learn to recognise the rebel within you.
Thus in conclusion I would like to quote a line which I quite like by the famed author Khalil Gibran:
" Life without Rebellion is like seasons without Spring.
And Rebellion without Right is like Spring in an arid desert
Life, Rebellion and Right are three- in- one who cannot be changed or separated."


Choco said...

So true. You have said something that I have wondered off & on. And you've said it so well!

This post reminded me of Dr Pillai & the amount of self belief & grit he had to put in in order to get his brahmos missile perfection & acceptance.

Shadowthorne said...

Nice interesting entry.

I am a teacher and for me... there would be little revolution / rebellion in my class. The good rebellion that is. You forgot to mention the BAD rebellion youngsters do these days. Children are getting worse, and I blame the entertainment revolution. :)

People are like cattle. I agree with this. Stubborn cattle, for me. Every time I asked my students to read something, I can expect more than half wouldn't even try to. Laziness is so rampant today, when everything is there on a silver plate. Sometimes I vocally cursed the really lazy ones; you will regret your laziness when your parents are no more.

And like cattle, people @ students need to be cajoled and pushed, even beaten to make them move towards the desired path.

Sometimes I think of myself as a rebellious teacher. I teach differently and approached matters uniquely. My secret wish is to be remembered by my students as long as they live. :)

ramya said...

This post reminds me of "The Psalm of Life" poem by H.W. Longfellow.
Aim of our life is not emerge out of the attitude of dumb driven cattle. And, that can be done only by our rebellion towards wrong things around us.
Nice Graphics by the way :)

sammythewizzy said...

Revolutionaries always stood their ground for what they believed in and went against the flow..

I guess its down to our convictions.. Only if we believe in them can we stand for them.. But revolution is not rebellion, the basic intention of revolution different from the intention of a rebellion..

Just my 2 paisa :) said...

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Vyazz said...

@Choco: Thnx 4 ur opinion, appreciate it!!
@Shadowthrone: Agree with you, as far as uncalled for rebellion is concerned. As said by Gibran: "Rebellion without Right is like Spring in an arid desert".
Guess you'll show ur students the right

Vyazz said...

@ramya: Havent read the psalm by H.W. Longfellow you have quoted, but will look into it. As far as the graphics are concerned, courtesy of the most rebellious kid Calvin and his tiger Hobbes!!

@Sammy: Agree with u on that part. But I feel that the spirit of rebellion from within is what creates the storm of revolution.