Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Winter's Last Battle

One of the most peculiar things about living in Saint Petersburg is the dramatic seasonal variation. As April approaches, the evenings get longer and longer, finally culminating into the phenomenon called "white nights". Where the sun doesn't set all day or rather all night, and the city is lit up throughout the summer.
As Spring approaches, I saw something quite unique on my way to class today. Normally being quite oblivious to all the things in and about me, I wouldn't have considered it, but of late since melancholy has got a grip on me, I saw and felt the last battle of winter.
It was snowing profusely this morning, but at the same time, the temperature wasn't really ideal for snowfall, being above zero.
As the snow fell, it immediately melted causing a really annoying slushy environment.
But nevertheless as I waded through the icy muddy ground, I realised something. Spring is around the corner. And yet, winter seems to be unrelenting in its departure. Almost as if it is deliberately holding off the final moments before it must go away forever. It didn't seem to let go the branches of the tall trees or the paths on which it lay for so long.
It just kept snowing and snowing, knowing well that its futile to resist the coming of the next season. It just didn't seem to give up.
But we all know, as cruel time can be, winter must bid adieu one final day.

I somehow felt the same pang of dismay when I looked upon the fading season. Like the current season, for me and most of my friends, our academic lives are about to culminate in graduation soon.
While it is a joyous occasion, one cannot simply let go six years of our lives we spent together in Petersburg. For me, it is the last winter in Petersburg. For I know well, that I shan't ever see it again. For a new season begins in my life as well. Somehow, as the months fade away, like the winter, I seem to be holding on in futility, the thoughts and emotions that have so linked me to this city for the past six years.

Time is a rather cruel entity. It indeed waits for no one. Yet most of us, knowing this all to well, seem to be holding out in vain, hoping against hope that time will stay still, and everything around us will remain the same always.
And in doing so, we are constantly in battle with time, knowing all too well that we are not going to be the victors.
Like the fading winter, I too seem unwilling to accept the change that is going to come about me.
And like the fading winter, I too am clinging on in vain, hoping that time shall stay still, and we shall remain young and carefree forever.
Its not the future responsibility that bothers me.
What bothers me is the severance of the numerous bonds that I have painstakingly made over the past six years.
An era is almost over, and I don't even have a clue so as to where the years went.
I never realised that the day would actually come, where I have to bid goodbye to this fair city, and the people with whom I have lived with for so long. None of us can stall the inevitable, but I suppose that doesn't make us stop trying.
Such is fate.
Dasvidanya my dear comrade, General Winter.
Maybe by some quirk of fate our paths shall cross again, but until then, I bid you farewell.


AS said...

well put vyasa....we are all really gonna miss this place a lot. even though we curse and crib about something or the other every other day, theres a bond we share with this place that will be really hard to let go of. *sigh*.i feel bad already! look what you did! :(

Biju Mathews said...

I really liked what you wrote here, " Time is a rather cruel entity. It indeed waits for no one. Yet most of us, knowing this all to well, seem to be holding out in vain, hoping against hope that time will stay still, and everything around us will remain the same always"

I do wish you the best, enjoy the time and inhale the joy. You may never get it again...

Keep Blogging!

Shadowthorne said...

ah russia. i wish to visit there someday.

ramya said...

"Time is a rather cruel entity. It indeed waits for no one. Yet most of us, knowing this all to well, seem to be holding out in vain, hoping against hope that time will stay still, and everything around us will remain the same always"

Very well written :-)
Keep blogging!

Gopal G. (Gkannan) said...

What a terrible winter there in Russia! Must be freezing, biting into the very bones, no daily bath required at all since it is impossible. How do you find the climate, language, change of food, etc? Must have got used to the situation warrans. Take care of health and safety is all I can advise you now. It is just a chance sighting of your profile from here in teh far off Chennai. Added you to my Friends list to know more about your Russian way of living. Email

todays writer said...

dont you dare write something so touching again! - its painfully tormenting to think about the fact that soon this life we had in SPB, all the bonds that we made willingly or unwillingly ( doesnt matter when we look back) - ALL this is going to collapse into 0 like a stack of cards. The moment we fill our bags with the memories of this place, this place will be swept clean and not a single proof of our existence and evolution from floppy little students to doctors will be left behind. there wont be any clue of our being here or bonding n experiencing all this that is unexplainable . the next snow will come and cover up the place beautifully as though there was nothing beneath.... just as we will enter a very new phase of our lives.
well written, but dont you dare write about it again, i am trying to forget this place.

Vyazz said...

@ Biju and Ramya, thnx for ur appreciation.....always a pleasure.
@Shadowthrone: Yeah, it is a wonderful place, especially Petersburg, worth a visit.
@Gopal.G: Living here isint so bad once you learn the language, and get used to knowing where you may buy what. Moreover, with the proper clothing you can definitely bear the cold, besides theres central heating everywhere. Thnx for your concern.
@AS and Todays Writer: Yeah we are gonna miss this place bigtime!!!

Nutty Martian said...

Hey wonderful insight into the seasons of petersburg and more so about your bond with this alien city :)
Loved it and quite curious now to visit this city some day and its been so long since I've read a long post like this with so much interest.Honestly!Neatly written!
with luv
from mars!

Vyazz said...

@Nutty, Thnx 4 visiting,.....yeah, its a really beautiful city....try to visit it some time if possible.

cold steel said...

almost like being there. wouldn't believe the author is really a medical student. some great authors have been physicians, maughm, cronin, checkov, holmes. and now vyas

Vyazz said...

@cold steel, my God...what a compliment.....thnx a bunch!!! Btw Maughm just happens to be one of my favourite writers......thnx 4 visiting!!!