Thursday, March 12, 2009

Faith versus Fact

In my previous post I had basically stated how man's misinterpretations of faith have lead to some of the worst crimes humanity has ever seen. And as a consequence faith is therefore seen as a vestigial entity that has no place in today's modern society.
Faith is seen as many as a product of human insecurity and fear. Fear of the big guy upstairs who will unleash his wrath upon those who disobey him.
Anthropologically speaking, not many have been able to point out so as to how the evolution of faith occurred in the first place.
Did the developing cortex stimulate the sudden surge of abstract thinking? Did the hyperactive neurotransmitters begin to stimulate a new process of imaginative beliefs?
But if it was mere imagination, then why would one fall prey to ones own world of make believe in the first place?
The key to our origin continues to remain shrouded in myths, hypotheses and theories.
Without absolute concrete evidence.
I have never been a fan of the theory of spontaneous creation. It seems like "presto" instant humans.
Though Darwin's theory of evolution seems as a plausible explanation to the origin of man, it remains a theory. Not fact.
Evolution isn't something that we see occurring before our very eyes.
The humans who have co existed with other species have not mentioned even a trace of evolutionary activity over the span of thousands of years.
Scientists tried to recreate the conditions of the primordial earth in the laboratories to create life from scratch. But all they could manage to come up with were a soup of amino acids (building blocks of DNA), but not life.
So what creates life? The life that we all see in and around us. Its everywhere. From the insignificant microbes and the sentient trees to the elephants and whales. I suppose that's something we have yet to figure out.

So that makes me wonder. Is having faith in a higher wiser entity really so bad?
I suppose it all finally boils down to the fact that seeing is believing.
Its always easy to disregard and discredit something that cannot be proven or for that matter seen.

When Marco Polo returned to Italy after his adventures in the east, people regarded him as a liar because of the "tall tales" he spoke of the eastern civilizations. But ironically they were true.
So there goes the dictum of what you cannot see cannot exist.

The thing about God or for that matter any spiritual experience for that matter, is that the so called experience remains legitimate only for a select few.
Now science can deem it as some sort of a delusion, hallucination or mass hypnosis, or their favourite word...coincidence, thus its almost impossible to convince a non believer.
I suppose in that case the best option would be to live and let live. Respect others for their beliefs or disbeliefs.
You cannot knock belief and acceptance onto another human if he is unwilling. Reason is something that dawns upon someone slowly and steadily. You cannot enforce it.

Its only in the past 2000 years or so that science and faith have formed an eternal rift. While science accuses faith of luring man into false beliefs, faith accuses science of degrading the morale value within society.
If one looks back in time, you had Hellenistic Greece making advances in philosophy, mathematics and physics. Mayan South America making advances in astronomy(their Mayan calender remains up to date with the current eclipses and transits), ancient Egypt and their advances in medicine and Vedic India and their advances in surgery, theology, metaphysics and Ayurveda.
Faith never stood in the way of scientific progress then and neither did the ancient scientists criticize the worship of Zeus, Isis or Shiva.
It went hand in hand.

Science cannot be deemed unnecessary since it forms the core of our everyday lives.
Faith cannot be deemed redundant since it is faith people turn to seek solace when times are rough, and when you need a spiritual shoulder to lean on. Of course its a pity some corrupt men have used faith to terrorize the masses.
But in conclusion, those who choose to believe and those who choose to disbelieve are free to do so on their own accord.
But one things for sure, the least we can do is be human and learn to respect each other for whatever they believe in.
I dont know whether that will get you a first class ticket to heaven. But at least you will have the reputation of being a first rate human on earth.


Deedz2Remember said...

Nice read. Liked the stylistic aspects too.

Coming to the crux, indeed faith and science can and perhaps co-exist. One being spirutial should not affect her/his reason. However that being said faith and especially blind faith should not be allowed to supersede reason. Faith should also evolve and act in tandem with science and reason.

Could not agree more when you say faith and beliefs are best left at the personal domain and should not be imposed.

I would raise a final point which warrants discussion is how much congruence does Faith and organised religions have. I personally find them to be disjoint and organised religion to be more of a stagnant concept demands absolute compliance and is thus an anathema to the basic principle or individual and personal faith.


Biju Mathews said...

I liked all the pictures you have put in..

Keep Blogging!!

Choco said...

Very well written. And this topic struck a cord with me.

I had written on the topic of God just once in my blog in a post called "A Strange Dream".

The truth about the existence of God is probably a personal thing. You have no proof, hence no way to make disbelievers believe. But your own faith is good enough for you. Tolerance is the key i guess!

Oh & ur template looks fine in my browser!

Vyazz said...

@Deedztoremember, thnx 4 stopping by, and I suppose I do agree that organised religions lose the inner spirituality when all the concentrate on is the hierarchy, order and structure of the clergy.

@Bju...Thnx...alwayz appreciate ur encouragement.

@Choco...I read ur post and left a comment there as well.Thnx 4 stopping by. And yeah...finally managed to get a working template. :)