Monday, March 2, 2009


A sense of change is in the air. Theres a good deal of revolutionary activity going on about in India. Indians have once again proved how they can rise and defend our great nation by securing our morales and ideals.
A great deal of people know well enough about the ruckus created by numerous local brigades of men who are hell bent on preserving the dignity of the women in our country even if it means they must bash them senseless (so that the women see sense) in pubs.
I suppose they went home proud knowing that they have saved the nation yet again from the evil clutches of western decadence.
But I don't think they did a good enough job, because in return for their noble labor they received a parcel of pink undergarments by evil, corrupt women who are literally asking for some more head banging.

Theres a sea of change in the realm of Indian television as well. Thanks to a new digital satellite provider I now can see almost 200 channels in excellent quality. theres a lot of options. Lets see...
Theres some 50 or so channels with fast paced melodrama, intense boohooing, and mind numbing twists which the average human being cant possibly comprehend. Dead sons come back alive, dead villains were just pretending to be dead, plus theres an immortal grandmother who looks as though she was born old and destined to remain eternally old throughout the series which spans a time line of almost 100 years.
Then theres 20 or so "music" channels which seem to show everything except music. Theres the cheeky VJ with a bad accent and a hairdo that would give Cher a complex, conducting absolutely inspired interviews with some of the film industry's best star offspring. I just cannot wait to know what is Blah Blah Kapoor's favorite flavor of ice cream soda. Gosh.....!
Then there is this show which attracts every freak from India, who are carefully scrutinized by a judge who barks ineligible drivel like a rabid dog, finally zeroing on a select group of contestants who earn the privilege of driving around on a motorbike across the country, bitch about their friends on camera and talk about how some hot girl dumped them.
Then of course we have at least 50 "entertainment" channels which showcase awesome reality shows kinda like the one with the motorbike, only slightly different which involve a group of almost famous people caged together in a house who also bitch, back stab and try their level best to get noticed by hurling insults at each other.
The remaining 80 channels comprise of mixture of news channels who claim to have found the footprints of a demigod in a farm, a dozen or so religious channels which have amazing babas with great bodily agility who make Michael Jackson look like an amature, movie channels who have successfully broad casted the same movie for the umpteenth time and educational channels like the history channel which showcase hour long ads of the amazing weight reducing sauna belt. Theres nothing like quality entertainment now, is there?

Apart from that India has found its own ingenious ways of getting people laid off during the international recession.
Local vegetable sellers, grocers in small towns have lost their jobs to big commercial shopping malls where you may buy everything under the sun. Never mind the fact that the cabbage is rotting and the T shirt you bought at the sale has shrunk to half its size after the first wash, at least you need not haggle with the small scale vegetable seller who has the audacity of selling you fresh vegetables for 1 rupee more than the shopping mall. Moreover all you need to do is travel 10-15 kilometers from your home to buy everything under one roof. Simple as that. No more getting cheated for a few rupees by the local grocer who lives a stones throw away from your house.
Now thats progress.

It has been six years since I have left India. Sarcasm apart, every time I visit, the sort of change my country is going through leaves me absolutely dumbfounded. In thermodynamics, Entropy is defined as the tendency of a system that is left to itself to descend into chaos.
All aspects in nature descend from order to disorder.
I fear that the sort of change going on about within Indian society will leave the masses more ignorant and ill informed than they previously were. And such a change is occurring at a rapid pace.
Who knows. Perhaps in the future, the women will be forced to remain in homes for good so that their "dignity" remains unscathed. Reality television might depict people killing each other for sport like the times in gladiatorial Rome(anything for TRP's). And the rate of crime will sky rocket due to the numerous people rendered jobless on account of large sprawling shopping malls.
I thought progress was something that took the masses ahead, rather than push them further into the abyss. So much for modernization. I suppose I'd rather live in the simple times of the stone age rather than subject myself to the charades of our current age.


Anonymous said...

Media is a curse.They are too determined not to leave any with with sanity.

Biju Mathews said...

You termed the post right - Entropy!! India is a bombardment of stuff from the west. Of course we can call it modernization but it's happening too fast and a lot of people are caught napping on the track

Nice Post! Keep Blogging!

Vyazz said...

@Vani, thnx 4 visiting, yeah...the indian media is getting a tad irksome. Newayz, what can I say?...thats how the cookie crumbles.

@Biju, Yeah....India is experiencing too much too soon at a maddening pace. Like u said, the worst part is that many people are caught in the middle and have no idea what hit them....

acp said...

Moral Policing is becomeing really popular in too many forms senas, talibans, military rulers; unless the common man who dosent want to be policed stand up to this atrocity we won't have a choice. You have really dissected the media scene, well written lol.Iam in the middle of this new experiment,it might sound absurd and prehistoric, try avoiding TV for a month or two using, newspapers, books and Internet for news and entertainment. My views and opinions are getting more clarity without too many expert reviews opinions and debates.

Anonymous said...

Media is completely hopeless. But, it is same everywhere. American media had been going on telling about Obama's blackberry, and what about the dog of Obama. Well, when the whole world is hit badly by recession, media is discussing about a dog!
India's reality shows are also inspired by foreign shows. Indian Idol from American Idol etc. Its good that we don't have that crappy Moment of Truth game here. All these are made by keeping the interest of audience. Large section of audience enjoy all these shows.
In all you sarcasm, you missed to mention the real development that has taken place. But it was good to read about the music channels and about the local grocers.

Vyazz said...

@acp Thnx 4 visiting, and newayz I dont own a television in my hostel I guess its a blessing in disguise. :)
@Ramya,Thnx 4 visiting, and yeah, I know how annoying media can be but what is more god awful is the way the Indians continue to ape the west.

Kim said...

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