Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Divine Retribution

I once read this article in the news about how some girl in Afghanistan had acid thrown on her face because she dared to go to school. It was something I believe the local Clerics considered to be sacrilegious. That incident served as a warning to all the girls in the area, that they ought to stay at home for the sake of their own safety.
Not to mention the attacks on women in the Kashmir valley who were attacked by local religious fanatics because they wore jeans.
Science has always held utter contempt for religion, because to them religion has always been seen as means to enslave and confine man within a sphere of fear, insecurity and guilt.
Throughout the ages numerous wars have been waged across the globe on account of religious differences.
In true terms, there has never been any triumph of faith. What has triumphed instead is might. The might of the military. Like the numerous crusades and the inquisitions which have plagued humanity for centuries.
The crusades, holy war, inquisitions and jihads serve as a grim reminder so as to how a faith actually spread.
It wasn't the open embrace of God by the devout. Rather it was the might of the sword and the instillment of fear within the masses that lead to the birth of a new faith.
It has always been so. For history is a witness.
Its ironic, since majority of the religions that have been propagated by war and persecution claim that their God is kind and merciful.
I suppose it is an odd way of putting things.
I really wonder then, so as to why must the followers of a merciful and an understanding God be so merciless in the way they chose to protect Him by throwing acid on defenseless women.
Whenever such people persecute the weak and the innocent they claim to carry out divine justice.

When any rational man of science sees fellow human beings killing and persecuting each other in the name of an entity called God(possibly the product of somebody's extremely fertile imagination), something no one can see nor feel, I cannot blame them to think that all religion is absolute nonsense.
And there's no way I can possibly convince a man of science that faith isint actually that bad.

The sands of time have erased from the minds of the people all memory of how their ancestors were tortured in the past to accept the faith they follow today.
I have no interest in raking up old issues, but nevertheless, todays so called defenders of faith seem to behave the same way their ruthless ancestors did to spread the word of God.

Does God really need numerous madmen to defend His honor? If so, then God must be one of the most weakest beings in existence where, something as trivial as improper attire can shake the very foundations of His realm.
Its a strange and sad little world we live in. Where there is little regard for humane conduct. The spirit though born free, it is rendered as a prisoner of rigid laws and rules.
No wonder people have started to hate the very aspect of faith.
Why wouldn't they? For what is there to gain from something that wont allow you to live normally, without being reminded at every instance that one small deviation of faith will send you straight to hell?

But all I can tell is this. Irrespective of the macabre picture of God painted by some of the leading faiths of today, I choose to follow faith as I see it best. Not on the grounds of force or ignorance, but on the grounds of the firm belief that God is no way the tyrannical monster people portray God to be. Its something I suppose you can realize on your own. Because its not God who brings upon misery upon others, its man and his ridiculous interpretation of God.
I suppose in the heavens above, God must be looking down upon us and wondering, "when will these humans learn to tolerate one another and set apart their differences?. How often must I come down and knock sense into them?...."sigh"...a Gods work is never done."


Bill Austin said...

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acp said...

well written, what i believe is that all religions are basicallly good evolved to bring discipline compassion and unity among people, but its the followers who misinterpret it for their own personal gains and well being. Because of these excessively or hypocratically pious madman, reliogion is loosing the charm among the youth.

praveen said...

"Because its not God who brings upon misery upon others, its man and his ridiculous interpretation of God."

Well said vyazz.

sm said...

god has not created any religion.
nice article

Sam said...

Two things Mr. Vyas, Gods are nothing but a fragment of our fears garnished with a whole lot of imagination and second it looks like there is nothing we can do about the same for our brains are hard wired to believe in god.
check out the following links to read more:

Hashir Tufail said...

I agree, that religion should be followed based on what you feel is right, and not by listening to these so called religious leaders

saurabh said...

rightly said...
God must be wondering, when will i get rest..!!!

But, on a serious note, these people (the so called protectors of religion) are enemy of mankind and deserve to be punished severely for their deeds.

congrats for your award..!!

kamal said...

Does God really need numerous madmen to defend His honor? If so, then God must be one of the most weakest beings in existence

a wonderfully written post..No wonder we are in recession..GOd is angry at us :P

seriously well written dude!

Vyazz said...

@Bill Austin Thanks you for the honour :)
@acp, thnx dude...appreciate it
@Prveen...thnx 4 the encouragement man!!
@SM thnx 4 ur visit
@Sam It all boils down to ones perspective. As long as we respect each others beliefs.
@Hashir, thix 4 visiting...totally agree with u.
@Saurabh thnx 4 ur visit..thanks for the good wishes
@Kamal thanks for the compliment