Thursday, January 29, 2009


There comes a time in everyones life where at some point or the other, all your thoughts, emotions and feelings are concentrated on one particular person.
Now generally that person in question may be someone who you love, or someone who you hate. Irrespective of who he or she is, you find yourself thinking about that particular person day in and day out.
Like for instance either your partner or an annoying relative. You spend all day mulling over what that particular person said or did, mulling over what his or her actions meant the previous day, etcetera.
But then, as transient as life seems, one fine day, the person in question ceases to exist. The excess energy and time you have dedicated to that person no longer has an outlet, no longer has a destination. They just accumulate like chaotic impulses on a road to nowhere.
And what do you do then?
Towards what possible aspect can you now dedicate your time and energy to? For the subject of your obssession no longer exists.
I suppose none of us prepare for the possibility, of what are we to do with our lives when suddenly we find ourselves in a vacuum.
I suppose that isint an eventuality that many of us believe worth considering. Nevertheless there are some of us who suddenly find themselves bereft of that one being unto whom we focussed our reserve time and energy onto.
There are those who do move on in the end, but the remainder feel themselves within a void, as a tempest rages on within them.
I suppose theres not much of a cure when it comes to dealing with the vacuum that engulfs us. All things once begun do come to an end. But I suppose moving onward and trying to focus your raw energy on something else is the key.
There are numerous ways by which one can channel their reserve energy. It may be either in the creative or in the destructive form. Obvioulsy creativity is far better.
The energy utilised in creating something fine and wonderous is far greater than the energy utilised to pulverise your pillow. The world offers numerous ways of distraction where for the moment you are occupied with watching a movie or drinking at a pub, but once the movie ends and the effect of alcohol slips away, you are back to square one.
Wondering what must you do with your time.
Whereas when you channel your emotions unto creativity by the end of your day, you are spent, tired and are at peace.
Humans always seek to distract themselves with some trivial aspect or another. But distractions are temporary. They neither help you forget something, nor do they offer solace. And in the end, they might make us feel far worse than we actually are.
When in a vacuum, the best thing to do is to focus your energy in being creative. Theres nothing that can give you more joy and satisfaction. As a consequence things might not look so bleak anymore.
And eventually you will find yourself healed and feel renewed, with something more positive to look forward to.


Ramakrishnan said...

What a poetic philosophy of life pictured in your blog over the person whom you have been associated with and now gone into the wilderness for ever.the positive approach suggested is what needed to be practised at this time over the vacuum created. My deep sense of appreciation for your sentiments

Anonymous said...

dude......i m no antaryami,...but looks like u have a huge crush on someone...and if i am not mistaken, that someone still haunts your thoughts...........nice writing but i really think, u ought to tell the person u are interested in that u like him/her....who knows, that person might be interested in you too......just a friendly suggestion........think about it. ;)

Vyazz said...

To "anonymous", thnx 4 ur opinion, nevertheless although the article was written with regard to a different context, I appreciate ur concern. Tc.....

Biju Mathews said...

Hello Vyazz: You write well and I feel this post came from within your soul, searching for the solvent for your monotony and loneliness. You are right when you say that you need to do something creative which will help quieten and pacify you mind at the end of the day. Keep Blogging!

jayanthi said...

i absolutely agree with have given a befitting solution of channelising all the energy to a creative process that would put an end to all the chaos that goes on in our minds .insightful !!!!