Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Perils Of Virtue

Throughout the ages both faith and humanitarian principles have highly advocated the doctrine of virtuous behavior. Faith has time and again reminded humanity the importance of being virtuous and noble.
Indeed it does sound appealing to many, nevertheless most virtues of late are either ignored or completely forgotten. And frankly, I cannot blame humanity for doing so. The world we live in today has no place for virtue. I suppose virtue just is int in vogue with the modern principles of existence.
I suppose the main reason being, the hazards of virtuous behavior.
Yes being virtuous is a hazard. More hazardous than smoking cigarettes or doing drugs. Its a hazard to those who advocate it and to those who practice it. I suppose its one of the things of late that one can very well do without. You may yourself ask the numerous practitioners of the noble art and you will find them frustrated and utterly disgruntled with themselves and the realm within which they live in.
One cannot blame them either. For the mistake they made, was to introduce a long forgotten concept to the world that neither recognises it nor requires it.
"Its the 21st century" they say, if we go by the doctrines of goodness and nobility we shall find ourselves ruined.
As a personally disgruntled advocate of goodness and fair play, I say to you...abandon all thoughts of virtue and embrace the doctrine of falsehood and deceit.
That way, you and those near and dear to you shall remain content, secure and a trifle prosperous.
Lets face it, that is how the world today operates. The newspapers for instance are a glaring proof of how deceit has triumphed over honesty.
Honesty, patience, charity, tolerance etc have lost their followers.
Goodness is now known as weakness of character. Honesty now goes by the name of stupidity, charity is known to be foolhardiness and etcetera.
The only place virtue has in the world today is behind the four walls of perhaps a monastery. Isolated and untouched.
If you exhibit virtue within any modern city today, you'll soon find yourself bereft of all your possessions.
Its a pity no doubt but what can one do? Virtue looks wonderful when it is depicted in novels, holy books or even the cinema. But the truth is that it has no place in the world of man.
I wonder, inspite of experiencing the real world we all know so well today why do parents and elders continue to propagate virtue to the younger generation?
Is it because they are ashamed of what they have done over the years and they do not want their children to follow in their besmirched footsteps? Or is it because they wish to rekindle the dying embers of virtue through their children? Then if it is so then someone ought to tell them that they are sending their child on a perilous journey, where the outcome may well be unsatisfactory.
I suppose rather than teaching their child to be good, they ought to teach their child to be smart, and to fend for himself irrespective of the means he uses.
In the end I suppose, as a world citizen, all that matters is how much one has gained irrespective of the means used. Once you are at the pinnacle of success, one doesn't really bother much with how you got there. Indeed the ends justify the means.
For unless you have some sort of stupendous luck, the most wise thing for anyone to do would be to avoid the perils of virtue.
For within the vile society we all know so well, virtue is alas an unwelcome stranger.

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