Monday, January 26, 2009

An Ode to a Dreamer

There are things in life that you can never change. And yet we live in the vain hope of achieving the impossible. We strive to overcome the overwhelming odds that try to dissuade us every moment, and by the end of the day some of us emerge victors, while the others succumb, beaten and tired. There are things which we cannot change within ourselves. There are things which we cannot foresee. There are things which lie well beyond our reach. And yet we try day after day, to change the inevitable. Six billion humans exist on this planet, and all of them have a story to tell. Stories of how they prospered stories of how they failed. Stories of how they were beaten, and yet rose. And stories of how they rose but were later struck down. Most of us know what is it exactly that we want, while some of us remain disillusioned. The disillusioned remainder of the populace are the dreamers. Beings whose bodies belong to the earth but their minds belong elsewhere.

I wrote that bit a while ago. I found it while clearing up the mess in my computer. Frankly it seems so out of the blue, I cant imagine when and why did I write the piece above.
Irrespective of the reason for me writing it, all I can say, its like something speaking back to me from a place far beyond.
But its true. The world is full of dreamers. A sort of populace that chooses little to have to do with the realm they reside in, and prefers to dwell within their own self created worlds.
Its not important on what particular aspects that ones dream ought to lie. Its merely the ability to do so that matters.
I for one am a fellow dreamer. As unusual as it sounds, the world seems as an endless charade. A continuous convoy of actors doing what ever it is they think they do best.
Frankly, its one of the most blissful things, to be able to dream. To live in a constant carefree state. To not be a part of the chaos that surrounds you.
Those who can dream, do not need to go away somewhere far on vacation in order to find solace. For they can very well find peace and tranquility within themselves.
What I seem to be saying might as well sound a greatly metaphysical and a trifle ridiculous to those to live out their lives in the day to day fashion revolving work, responsibilities and commitments. But those whose minds are bereft of things that bind them to earth, life is a like a cloud forever floating across endless horizons.
Just because you happen to be a dreamer doesn't mean you are the sort of person who is irresponsible and likes to spend the day lazily persuing pointless thoughts which would serve no use or purpose.
Dreamers have a purpose. For it is they who eventually shape the world. For it is they who have established the sort of life that exists around us.
All the great inventors, philosophers, explorers and world leaders were dreamers once.
While the bulk of humanity went about their day to day affairs, they sat quietly and dreamed.
They dreamt of a different world, a better world.
And once you fall in love with your dream, there begins an endless affair, which unusually culminates in its accomplishment, for all the world to see.
Dreams revolutionise the pace of humanity. The bring change to societies that have grown stagnant and redundant.
While the masses worked the dreamer dreamed. And by the end the world shall remember but one man, and not the masses that mocked him once.
We all have dreams and ambitions, but the remainder of those who perhaps have failed in whatever it is that they sought out to do, shall keep discouraging you from whatever it is you seek to do.
Sometimes like many others we abandon our dreams and become one with the remainder of the dreary human race. Without purpose, without goals without ambition. And in the end when we are too weak to work any further, we retire. Retire alone secluded and unheard of.
Don't let society make you a part of its mindless herd.
Be unique, be creative and never stop dreaming.

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