Saturday, January 24, 2009

O Ye Of Little Faith!

A majority of modern day intellectuals and people from the fields of science have taken to religion bashing. Frankly with the abominable number of fanatics ever on the increase I really can’t blame them. The core of today’s problems seems to be on account of terrorists and their numerous holy wars, which they believe shall offer them a one way ticket to paradise. Its actually amusing when you hear the conditions these representatives of God, seem to impose on fellow man, in order to protect the righteousness of their respective faiths.
Now for instance you have one group that might shoot you in the head if you are immodestly dressed. The definition of immodesty can differ from person to person. But immodesty allegedly in the eyes of God are wearing jeans, T shirts and make up for women, nevertheless I'm practically clueless what a man must do to appear immodest.(perhaps wearing make up....which is both immodest and a trifle disturbing).
I suppose it is difficult to grow up with a God who has a strict fashion sense. I suppose God wouldn’t want his heavenly angels to get corrupted when immoral mortals ascend towards his realm.
I suppose the most immoral thing that one can do is q
uestion holy literature (even at times when it can sound as a product of fertile imagination of a three year old). Now, that can send you on a one way ticket straight to hell.
I can imagine why science must have begun its personal vendetta against religion.
I cant blame them for hopping mad when religion persecuted Galileo, Copernicus and numerous others who dared question "The Book"(but later issued
apologies...a century too late perhaps). The poor souls nevertheless were merely speaking the truth.
And truth is not something that is welcome in a world of rigid laws which have nothing to do with rationality or logic.
All in all religion hasn’t painted a very pretty picture as far as a mode to deliver humanity towards salvation is concerned. Till date historically humanit
y has been purged, persecuted, excommunicated and even burnt alive at the most ridiculous and insignificant of human errors.
The crusades and inquisitions which killed off more people than the holocaust were means to spread the true message of the "religion of peace".

Frankly any sane human today will think it best to shun something that has in the past and in the current scenario persecuted humanity till no end.
If some wise guy came up to me and said that I would be going to hell just because I am not a part of his congregation, my first impulse would be to batter him with the first object I could lay my hands on (hopefully it shouldn’t be a sledgehammer). Frankly I'm not the sort of person who’s accustomed to hearing nonsense.
All in all no one can deny the extent of hypocrisy that exists within organized religions of late.
We are humans, and most of us aren’t even that fortunate to live splendid lives as some others. Lets face isn’t always peachy, and when the
going gets tough, the last thing anyone would want is a religious busybody telling you that you might have booked a ticket to hell because you missed some trivial religious service.
All in all I cannot blame humans for rejecting
something which they find utterly useless to begin with.
Nevertheless......I am a man of faith.
But my idea of faith is far different from what is being taught at Sunday school to brainwash children. I believe in associating logic with faith. I supp
ose to science faith itself is illogical. But science has its pitfalls as well, which I shall come to later.
Faith today has been institutionalized. It has be
come encompassed in rigid laws and regulations that serve no practical purpose. It now belongs as a privilege to the holier hierarchy rather than the masses. And as a consequence, to suit their own selfish interests God has been turned into a merciless madman who will smite you for something as ridiculous as incorrect dressing. Perhaps these men of God ought to print their own holy fashion catalogue to depict the latest styles in vogue in the kingdom of heaven.
But that is not true. How many of these god men who preach ridiculous laws have themselves even has a glimpse of God? Its the masses that I pity. The masses who are robbed of their trust and faith to suit the purpose of a fraudulent money making institution.
There are very few representatives of faith who
have actually implored on the people to think for themselves. And hardly anyone has even advocated the right to question something they think is incorrect without the risk of excommunication.
Faith, is something that is highly perso
nal. It belongs to you and not to some corrupt clergy of an equally corrupt institution.
Faith nevertheless is imperative in life because its the only means by which one can be introduced towards unconditional moral behavior.
Mind you I said unconditioned. The ability to do good without expecting anything in return. One ought’nt be disappointed when you help a beggar and didn’t win the lottery the next day.
The most purest of things in life
are those that come without conditions attached. Unconditional love, unconditional generosity and unconditional faith.
Its an absolute pity that faith so far has been
used as an instrument to instill fear, insecurity and guilt amongst human beings.
We all have had our weak moments in life. We all have done some things that we are not proud of. It’s not sacrilegious to lose strength.
And conversely the role of God here is to overlook your weakness and accept you for who you are. Unconditionally. Not to make you feel worse than you already are.
As said famously, "To err is human, to forgive is divine."
We are humans. And till the last day on
earth we will continue to make mistakes. Hopefully we ought to have learnt from the past ones though.
The main idea of faith is, that someone up there loves you. For who you are, not for what you say or do.
If I pray or go to a religious place, I do it out of my own accord. Not because someone told me to or because I fear the wrath of God.

There are certain things in life that one must realize for oneself. Its not something that someone should force upon you.
As far as science is concerned, I am yet to hear the scientific explanation for the need of moral behavior. I want to know the scientific reasoning for why someone shouldn’t cheat on his wife(a loving one at that). Because the wife do
esn’t know her husband is cheating on her, no one is getting hurt mentally or physically and the situation is just perfect. But nevertheless it is wrong. You know its wrong but since its situationally plausible you might as well get away with it.
Science has found cures for numerous maladies.
Can it cure humanity of greed? Of unnecessary lust? Of anger?
Perhaps it can if one performed a lobotomy (resecting areas of the brain which hold specific human emotions).

But that would reduce humans to vegetables. And that’s not what life is all about.
So the ideal scientific society balanced in social structure would consist of human vegetables.
Between a hyper-religious society of persecuted beings and a scientific society of emotionless automatons neither seems the least bit appealing.

But the best question of all? Can science create life? Yes the thing that surrounds all of us. Within the bees, birds and the trees.

I am not talking about cloning. For that is creating life out of pre existing life. Nor am I refering to the theory of alien insemination.

I am talking of creating at least one living breathing organism from scratch!
Scientists reproduced the conditions in which life was first created in the beginning. Water, carbon and nitrogenous compounds were assimilated and the end result was a soup of amino acids(one of the basic building blocks of DNA).
But not life!
Certain things whether you like it or not has to be attributed to divinity.
Neither science nor faith can reign individually as supreme. They must coexist. You need both science and faith to make life worth living.
Actually they did exist together in Hellenistic Greece which was home to one of greatest scientific minds such as Archimedes, Hippocrates and Pythagoras.
It existed together in Vedic India, where mathematicians like Aryabhatta and Bhaskaracharya influenced modern arithmetic.
It existed in Mayan South America, a civilization known to devise one of the most accurate astronomical calendars which have accurately predicted eclipses and transits to this present day. Thus both science and religion coexisted in harmony in the ancient world till the advent of modern riffraff 2000 years ago and ruined religion for all of us.

As difficult as it seems to get into heaven, its equally hard to get into hell. You aren’t going to hell if you got drunk or went to a club or missed a religious service.
There exists hell. But only for those who have brought undue suffering upon humanity. And I can guarantee the fact that those who propagate ridiculous lies about faith in order to mislead the masses have already booked a one way ticket to the fiery chasms of hell.
The only thing God hates is arrogance. Lets face it, we don’t like arrogance any better. I personally detest snobs and pompous braggarts.
So there you have it.
You need not institutionalize yourself to a rigid faith. The only representative of God you need is you!

Thus for both for the believers and the unbelievers, Give Faith a Chance!


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