Monday, January 5, 2009

Apart From The Herd

Its usually considered to be a gift, when one possesses talents or qualities that set him apart from the others. When one has ideas that usually someone at his age or profession doesn't. I suppose such a person might be considered apart from the rest.
But I suppose mere genius is not the only credential that sets someone apart from the rest. One may remain away from the herd on perhaps more unflattering grounds as well. Like a social stigma of some sort.
While I do not credit myself to be either a genius nor someone suffering from a socially incommunicable affliction, I nevertheless am aloof, and away from the herd. Why? You may ask. And I would quote numerous reasons.
While I belong to the human race, for reasons beyond me I often grow vary of my brethren. I simply cannot concur with their ways.

The human race is often divided on numerous grounds, like the rich and poor, the sane and the insane, the noble and the corrupt and in my case the typical and the typical.
No prizes for guessing which sect do I belong to with regard to the last mentioned category.
While it may seem unique to some, belonging to an atypical sort is a rather lonely means of existence.
None of your ideas or ideals for that matter have anything in common with the rest of the populace. While you may consider yourself to be unique, the remainder of society may consider you as perhaps a fool, a heretic or simply an idiot.
When you are set apart from the rest, these are the accusations that you must be accustomed to by now.
But irrespective of how resilient you may be to society's ridicule, heart of hearts somewhere within you cherish the thought that if only you could be more like those around you. Heart of hearts you wish that if only you weren't so different, and so cut out from the rest.
I guess none of us choose to be atypical, it is something nature bestows upon us whether we like it or not.
Either you may live with it or you may fight it out and try at best to integrate with society.
Both I guess have their own consequences. By accepting who you are, you manage to create an identity for yourself, and by integrating with society you lose it.
As much as society seems to ridicule and discourage individualism, at the same time one cannot deny how much it cherishes atypical beings within its realm.
I suppose at a time when other children were playing, young Einstein must have had his head in the clouds, wondering about the prospects of the physical science.
Or when others were discussing politics and the latest trends in music, Archimedes was busy wandering the street, absentmindedly mumbling incomprehensible drivel.
I wonder if they ever wondered, whether they had missed out on any of the things that people their age commonly dealt with.
I wonder if ever they had even the minute sense of regret of not having a normal childhood or a normal youth on account of their intellectual affliction.
But I guess with the sort of laurels they received by the time the world recognised their genius, all their regrets would have been put to rest.
I guess it takes a while for those around you to accept you for who you are, its just that the wait is long and a trifle strenuous.
While I look around my common brethren, I sense a deep regret of not being more like them, but I suppose as time shall pass my herd shall accept me for who I am, and for the variety I bring within the herd. But its a bit of a wait.....and a long one at that.

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