Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Transit Passengers

Usually its a common occurrence that when you travel by a plane or a train, given that you are alone, you tend to get chatty with the one sitting next to you.
Provided the person with you is receptive, you strike the right note and the journey thus becomes pleasant.
By the time the ride comes to an end, you part ways. And for the remainder of the journey you may end up solitary, to the extent of missing the person with whom you were travelling with.

Life is filled with interesting analogies. All things common place in our day to day lives have a profound underlying meaning. Those wise enough manage to grasp life wishes to depict, while others are too busy intertwined within themselves to realize the true meaning of things.
I lost someone special today.
Someone close to me. Someone I hoped I would meet after a certain period.
Its hard to imagine the absence, but at the same time I guess that's how things are meant to be, whether we like it or not.
Spending a great deal of time with that person, one takes for granted that things shall be the same forever.
I cannot blame ourselves. For after all, we are but human.
Unfortunately there does come a time, when those near you decide to go away, and there's precious little that you can do to stop them.
But one must remind ourselves, that those gone are the same as we are.
Passengers in transit.
We are in transit. We belong to a realm that is not permanent. We belong to a realm subject to change. And we are just travelling along.
Travelling is hard, the road might get bumpy, you might not seem to be heading towards the place you do wish to reach, there could be delays and who knows, the ride could come to an abrupt halt.
But there are things that make a cumbersome travel a trifle pleasant. And that's the passenger along with you.
You share your thoughts, your feelings, you happen to face the same ordeals together. And soon, lifes a peach!
Sometimes after mutual passengers part, there is a great sense of dismay.
A vacuum, which you cannot help filling.
For a while you seem lost. And you don't really know what to do with yourself.
But if you are fortunate, another passenger will soon take the earlier ones place.
And the ride might get peachy again. Of course at start you might not concur with everything the new passenger says or does, but we underestimate ourselves. We are human, and soon we find ourselves warming up to the new passenger.
We do have the ability to move on just like the ones before us did.
Truth be told......I have no answer to what one should do if they part with the ones they love.
But what I do know, is that by realising that certain aspects in life are all but inevitable, one can gather the strength to move on.
At times of loss, people may bombard you with philosophy, personal anecdotes, so on and so forth.
But in my opinion the best consolation comes from within. When you realise what's best and make peace with yourself.
I shall always regret the fact that I could never properly bid goodbye to whom I lost.
But heart of hearts I hope that the passenger in question understood my predicament.
May God take care of you,
I shall always love you Patti,
your grandson,

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