Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The world belongs to the mundane!

A while ago, I read a short story by W. Somerset Maugham, titled " The door of opportunity".
The plot revolved around a character who was self possessed, sophisticated, clever and an efficient civil servant. He sevrved at a British colony at Sondurah, a province in Malaysia. Well, the fact remained, that despite his efficiency at work, he was highly unpopular amongst his colleagues, who regarded his wit with utter disdain and his humor more or less as an insult. Well, you see his colleagues were what you would describe to be the rather mundane and mediocre sort. And there was a multitude of them. Theres a great deal of them in our soceity as well.
You know, the typically boorish folk, whose lives revolve around the fate of a hitherto melodramatic soap opera character, or those who remain captivated by their favourite sport star, even though he's scoring more money in advertising rather than the sport itself.
Well, going back to the character in Maugham's story, there eventually arises a crisis where on account of an error of judgement the judgement he is forced to resign, much to the glee of his colleagues.
He was a throughly polished person. In etiquette, in art and in sport. The reason for his dismissal was the fact that he did not respond immediately to quell a rebellion and waited for significant backup rather than risk his own life by going with merely a handfull of men.
The argument in this context shows that the person was a coward, much to his own wife's dismay.
But the very next day he stood up and defended himself before the Governer left him with an air of pride (after being fired ofcourse), and faced his colleagues subsequently. And I suspect that that required courage.
Not meaning to sound philosophical, I think it would be more easier for a man to stand before a hungry lion rather than stand before an unforgiving soceity.
A beast of the jungle may shred your body to bits, but the wolves of the concrete jungle will shred you of your dignity, your sanity and perhaps even your life!
So basically even in real life its rather hard for an intellectual or a person with certain refinement to deal with a bunch of boorish, mundane folk.
And nature has an odd way of deceiding who actually has the upper hand.
And oddly its the major chunk of the dull-as-dishwater soceity that has the upper hand.
Have'nt you always felt that no matter how hard you try in certain circumstances you never managed to fit into a certain group you so dearly yearn to be in?
Haven't you felt that you were left out by your Boss, your colleagues, your coworkers, your collage buddies?
Well, chances are that thats happening because you might just be smarter than them, and they are awfully intimidated by you.
It means that your Boss, your co workers or your professor could be absolute retards.
So does that give you an edge? Sadly no my friend.
Because they own the world.
Yup! Deal with it. The world is run by politicians who didn't clear the fifth grade, its run by tycoons who dont know a shred about business since they just inherited their fortunes from their unfortunate albeit successful parents.
You may have university department heads whose knowledge is based upon a textbook they byhearted a zillion years ago.
You may have to serve as a humble manager (with a collage degree) to a slave driving albeit gorgeous supermodel(with an IQ of a toilet paper).
You cant overrun them, because you work under them.
They make they rules, they break the rules and if you get fiesty, hell! They'll break you.
They're big they're powerful and they're downright dumb- coming soon to a house near you.
So how does one deal with such an abomination of justice by nature?
Well, the only way I guess is by blending in. You know, when in Rome, do what the Romans do.
Well, Rome is all around us.
Be one of them. And dont worry, you shant lose your originality in the process.
If they behave stupid, 'act' stupid.
Share their jokes, laugh with your boss even if he has the sense of humor of a three year old.
Convince them that your one of them.
Become one with the pack.
At the same time retain your individuality. Bond with them bigtime! And heaven forbid! Dont ever preach to them because that will totally blow your cover.
And thereby use them to climb to the topmost ladder where afterwards you can drop them like a hot rock!
C'est la vie
Nature has made you smart for a reason, instead being all judgemental and earning the wrath of the powerful boors, use it to blend with them and get what you want.
You can judge and bitch about them, but at home not at your workplace.
We as humans have to adopt far more tactics and stealth than a beast of the jungle.
For beware, the world belongs to the mundane!

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