Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Prospect Of Uncertainity

Throught the ages, mankind has always been bewildered by aspects that do not offer him security, or some sort of guarantee. I guess it is in human nature to find solace in things that are known to be well charted.
But ironically no matter how well we plan our lives things never work out exactly in the same sequence as what you would hope to be. It is then the insecurity dawns upon us and forces us to succumb to the fact that not everything in life must need to go the way you intend it to.
Any human well in the midst of his existance might know of this fact. but nevertheless, some continue to make the same mistakes they once made.
I suppose hence the saying ,"man proposes and God disposes." In my experience I have seen how shocked and how shaken are those who before their eyes see their plans crumble to dust. And yet I have also seen how those who were completely unprepared for a certain situation emerge as victors.
Lifes enigma lies in its uncertainity, the feeling where one can never tell how a certain event may unfold.
Yet there are those, who claim to read the course anyones life may take. They are called Psychics, soothsayers, fortune tellers, etc.
And do they have what it takes to indeed foresee that which no one else has could possibly comprehend.
I sould say perhaps. But what I believe, is that they dont really perceive the future as a whole, but what they indeed see, is the future through a tiny window, that gives them a hint of what has to come rather than the whole picture itself.
While one cannot say indeed what is to transpire in ones life, I believe nature gives us enough hints to forsee an iota of that which is to come.
Aethists and sceptics dismiss any claims to fortell the future and dispel uncertainity as hogwash and superstition.
A while ago a hue and cry was raised in an Indian university that wished to have astrology as one of its courses. It was then called a pseudo science. I do not remember in what sense was the matter finally unfolded and what indeed was the outcome. But I presume it was the thriumph of science over hocus pocus.
Every aspect in existence, scientific or unscientific, strives to predict the course of events to come. Only the means by which they do so differ.
Why, even scientists try to be fortune tellers albeit the means they use are there for all to see and understand.
Dont meteoroligists try to 'predict' the course of a storm. Dont geologists 'predict' how the earth's tectonic plates are going to shift in a couple of hundred years. Dont economists 'predict' the course of a nation's economy?
Dont doctors 'predict' the course of illness in a patient.
Everyone predicts something or the other. Everyone is endowed to insight. It is insight that endows a man to make predictions. Irrespective of the means he chooses.
While a meteorlogist uses his instruments to predict the weather, so does the astrologist use his calculations based on planetary positions to predict the course of a humans life.
In the past both have been correct and wrong.
They say "no one ought to take into account what the weather man says", because the sunny day you deceided to have your picnic on turns out to be a freak thunderstorm.
At the same time a person who was predicted to be rich and famous, ,may through a freak chance of nature file for bankruptcy.
Just because a science faliled to prove a certain point it doesnt mean that that system of belief is completely inaccurate.
All sciences have pitfalls.
Just because a conventional scientist cannot comprehend the calculations of an astrologer, or the methods of study used by a chiromantist, he cannot deem the disciplines to be illegitimate.
Every discipline has its own way of working out its predictions and analyse their respective outcome.
Every aspect in life as said earlier lingers upon uncertainity. While life never reveals its secrets to us directly, it does offer us a window of opportunity to comprehend in some tiny way, that which is about to happen.

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