Sunday, September 21, 2008

New blog, new entry!!

Well, I've been mentally egging myself to create a blog, for quite sometime. Really having no idea of the benefits and not sounding like some sort of a dork I have deceided to venture into the realm of cyberspace and "express" myself in whatever way I can.
You know, I always kinda thought of keeping a diary or memoirs of what you say and do kinda offence.
And I believe an online memoir of a final year medical student, about what he does day in and day out will practically bore a reader to death.
Believe me, memoirs are only interesting if you are some sort of a celebrity with a happening lifestyle well fabricated by the media.
On the other hand one neeed'nt be a celeb to make your life intersting. I guess every passing day can be an event. It could be anything, like standing upto your bossy collegue or trying to impress your date.
So rather than my memoirs its better that the tempest of thoughts that rage through my mind finally get an outlet. Through this blog I guess.
Thus at 12:45 am my eyes though blurry from all the sleep I managed to create this blog.
Hope to God I manage to keep up the practice.

1 comment:

Viyoma.R said...

Thts an excellent start..keep up the interactive practice!
Happy Blogging!